Employee Work Areas

The Changing Office Landscape
Where is the employee work area? Often, it's wherever the employee happens to be: at home, in a hotel, at a client's office, or on a beach. The old definition of "workplace" as an office or cubicle no longer applies. Very often, the "workplace" is a team space for collaboration and learning or a social space for impromptu meetings and communication.

Yet studies show that employees still want a place to call their own. As these personal workspaces get smaller, their functional requirements get bigger. They need to be flexible to adapt to frequent moves and changes in technology; they need to be cost effective; and they need to convey a sense of individual respect.

Both individual and common workspaces must enable communication and foster a sense of community in order to attract and retain the best employees. We invite you to learn more about our approach to workplace design and planning.


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