Williams Communications Technology Center

When Williams Communications asked us to help with the interior design of their new headquarters building, we were delighted. We embarked on an adventure that was the most challenging and the most fun work we've ever done.

We were lead designers on the following high-visibility, specialty areas: the Network Operations Center and Demo Room, the Executive Briefing Center, the Conference Center and the Executive Floor, totaling approximately 150,000 square feet.

In addition to being lead designers, we were members of the Audio/Visual team because of our special expertise in the integration of A/V equipment into interior space.

Our direction was to create functional, high-tech spaces with a lot of WOW. In addition, the design had to reflect the company's image and their core business. Because the client's business is carrying all kinds of information on a fiber network, we used light traveling through space as a metaphor.

To tour the building... click here.


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